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Audio Curve

Igor Dimitrienko - guitar, vocals

Mike Adams - bass

Bernard Anderson - keys

Celestino Ramirez - drums

Rock - Des Moines, IA


Audio Curve is an American hard rock band from Des Moines, Iowa. Formed in 2015, the band consists of Igor Dimitrienko on guitar, vocals. Mike Adams on bass. Bernard Anderson on keys, and Celestino Sal Ramirez on drums. With Audio Curve's guitar-driven sound, their songs ranging from the up beat, hard-hitting' heavy rockers, to sometimes funky, catchy grooves, to the soulful, bluesy rock 'n roll that has just the right amount of emotional and highly progressive rock ballads. Over the years, Audio Curve has been described by their fans as "an explosive, high-voltage rock force, unleashed with pure adrenaline and unmatched electricity." It wasn't just their crushingly loud rock and roll grooves but it was how they were able to incorporate their incomparable passions, their unique styles, their distinct influences, and a variety of other genres into their sound. It was how the band was able to define and create their own sonic racketiness that would keep them true to their nature and set them apart from most bands. With an established sound, Audio Curve's future is of their own making as these four musicians bring a superbly high skill set at their perspective craft which culminates into a sound of its own. This is only confirmed by the successful release of their first single, "Tickin' Away", a funky yet hard impact rock song that will serve as the catalyst for future recordings.
Audio Curve released their first official music video of their single "Summer Nights" on the first day of summer, June 21st, 2017. "Summer Nights" is the band's 2nd single to date. Shortly after the release, the band was surprised by the results and numbers as "Summer Nights" became their hit single. It blew up after Audio Curve's online, worldwide Facebook music video premiere. Since the release, the video broke 600K views, 17K likes, 2K shares and gained massive worldwide attention reaching over 2 million people.
After the recent performance at the IMT Des Moines Marathon on Sunday, October 15th, the band is taking the rest of 2017 off to finish recording their debut album. They will spend the rest of the year at the Establishment Recording studio, downtown Des Moines, IA where they have been focused on their first professional production to bring the best product to their fans. Audio Curve is currently working with their producer and engineer Griffin Landa, who has produced many great bands over the years. The band is very excited to release their long-awaited debut album worldwide in Spring of 2018. The album CD release party has been confirmed and will take place at the downtown Des Moines, IA's popular rock club, Gas Lamp, on Saturday, April 28th. Audio Curve will announce a few other fellow rockers who will be joining them for their CD release and an unforgettable night. Doors open at 7pm and the show will start at 8pm. The cover will be $7 at the door. This CD release party will most likely be Audio Curve's biggest show and may SELL OUT quickly so make sure to get tickets early and check their website for more details.
Since 2015, Audio Curve has played many big venues and clubs in Central Iowa such as the well known Gas Lamp, Lefty's Live Music, Gabe's in Iowa City, Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines Yacht Club, Doc's Lounge, Down Under, the legendary Hull Avenue Tavern, Kenny's Garage, the famous Elbo Room in Chicago, IL, and many more. They've also played at the 40th Anniversary Clive Festival in Clive, Iowa, the recent Briar Patch in Bevington, Iowa and many more festivals around the state. For three years in a row, Audio Curve has been a featured act at the National IMT Des Moines Marathon which they are scheduled to play again on Sunday, October 21st, 2018.
Audio Curve lineup consists of expert musicians from many other Midwest rock groups over the years. Igor Dimitrienko, frontman on guitar and vocals, currently also of Reload and Birdstein, also formerly of Blacked Out World, Shatter, and Annelida. Celestino "Sal" Ramirez on drums, currently also of Absolute Power, Slyde, and Reload, also formerly of Only and a few others. The music prodigy and professor Bernard Anderson on keys and Mike Adams on bass, formerly of Chicago groups Lethalis, Boneyard, Swerve, Synge, The Gelheads, Killing the Enemy and The Octaves.

Audio Curve early years,

In 2012, Mike Adams moved to the Des Moines, Iowa area for work and having been a long-time veteran of the Chicago music scene, Adams wasted no time in finding a project to begin playing in the area. After much searching Adams answered an ad for a band called Shatter in which Dimitrienko was the founding guitarist. After playing with the band for a period of approximately 9 months Adams left the group due to personal and musical differences. Fast forward 3 years later when Adams was surfing his Facebook page, he noticed Dimitrienko had left Shatter as well and was performing a solo performance at a local venue with Ramirez and Anderson. Adams then contacted Dimitrienko and told him he might stop up and take in the show. At which point Dimitrienko invited Adams to sit in with the band for a few songs which ended up being the entire set. By 2015, the 4 then began playing regularly and informally under the moniker 'Igor and Friends' as the band continued to perform they began writing original music and realized there was an unmistakable musical chemistry between the 4 of them after writing their first original song, "Dyin' Thrill" and debuting it with positive response. The formation of Audio Curve began shortly shortly after. The 4 then decided to formally become a band. After a long decision upon a real name they came to call themselves Audio Curve based on the sound wave of an oscilloscope. Once the name was intact, the formally formed Audio Curve began frequently playing the local Des Moines music scene. As they were performing gigs around the city and building a name for themselves, at the same time, they focused on writing original material, songs like "Celebrate", "We Once Knew", "Bloody Red Like the Wine" and many others. Audio Curve released a demo of "Bloody Red Like the Wine" gaining some good press and media's attention.  By 2016, the band decided to start writing their debut album that will feature some of their first songs like "Dyin' Thrill" as well as some of their first singles, "Summer Nights", "Tickin' Away", and also their recent material which they are currently working on.

Be on the lookout for this new wave of artistry coupled with superior talent, fresh ideas and a sound that will surely leave you wondering what direction the musical road will curve with the spectacular new rock group, Audio Curve!


Audio Curve's first 2 singles "Summer Nights" and "Tickin' Away" are both available at: https://audiocurve.bandcamp.com/

Audio Curve's music is also available on SoundCloud at: http://www.soundcloud.com/audiocurveband

Audio Curve's tour dates, music, videos, photos and more available on Reverbnation at: http://www.reverbnation.com/audiocurve
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