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13 Jan

Micah Schnabel - Reggies Music Joint

2105 S. State St. Chicago,IL
01/13/2018 7:00 PM - 01/13/2018 9:00 PM

2018-01-13 19:00:00 2018-01-13 21:00:00 America/Detroit Micah Schnabel Reggies Music Joint info@wamza.com


Micah Schnabel

Micah Schnabel
of Two Cow Garage

Erin Edmister & Three Tons

Erin Edmister has been hollering lyrics and strumming his acoustic guitar through the American Songbook and his striking original songs since 2014 at Bernice’s Tavern, in Bridgeport.
It was at this highly esteemed dive bar that Edmister, and long time guitarist/collaborator, Kilian Sweeney, first encountered Joey Werner’s pounding drums and Brian Tredup’s sultry bass. Soon, the four fused their original sounds together to create a rocking country ruckus: Erin Edmister and Three Tons.
With this new line-up and a fresh record out in January 2018, this group will surely charm you with vibrant harmonies, lively tunes, and a hell of a good time!

The Black Oil Brothers

There’s a source in rock n roll music, a well from which most of the great musicians and songwriters have drank deeply. Born in the Mississippi delta and raised on the streets of Chicago’s south side, The Blues is often recognized as the source. The Black Oil Brothers draw from the same well our heroes have, but what comes out is invariably our own. Utilizing everything we can beg borrow or steal – acoustic, electric and resonator steel guitars, banjos, harmonicas, mandolins, drums, shakers, 3-part harmonies – we create the music that let’s your ears know that there ain’t a damn thing wrong with the sound of a good man feeling bad. Such is the blues. Finding outlets in music that turns heartbreak into ass shake. Such is the music of The Black Oil Brothers and it very well may be saving our souls. Let us save yours.


In 2010, the acoustic duo known as MEDS ascended from the ashes of art-punk quartet Phistine Verona. Guitarists Chocolate Danny and Kurtis E. Flush (nee Ed Shafer and Mike Greaney) found a new vehicle in MEDS for their unique blend of harmony and humor.
Imagine Simon & Garfunkel partying with The Smothers Brothers at a Nicki Minaj show