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15 Mar

Bloodline (Hatcha x Youngsta) - The Riot Room

4048 Broadway Kansas City,MO
03/15/2018 9:00 PM - 03/15/2018 11:00 PM

2018-03-15 21:00:00 2018-03-15 23:00:00 America/Detroit Bloodline (Hatcha x Youngsta) The Riot Room info@wamza.com



Hatcha & Youngsta: Bloodline

'Bloodline' is the unification of the two foundational dubstep DJs: Hatcha & Youngsta.

No two DJs have had more impact or longevity in the dubstep scene, dating back to before the genre even had a name or a following. But only now are they combining their dual powers and heritage as one, and as they do so, the name they've chosen reflects the unbroken journey right back to dubstep's first fertile moments.

They are literally dubstep's unbroken Bloodline.

The Bloodline project has several facets: a combining of two of dubstep's most revered & technical DJs, a coming together in the studio as producers to release a Bloodline album and an international tour, across the UK, Europe, Canada and the US to showcase the creativity that has been unleashed.

As DJs, there are few if any more revered DJs, blessed with unparalleled selection and exceptional mixing talent. While they both have different styles in these two areas, what makes Bloodline so mouth-watering is the ability for the two DJs to touch on every style and mood within the dubstep spectrum. The project allows them to both reference foundational styles from the earliest dubstep years but also innovate on towards a bright future, all on the largest possible platforms.

Both Hatcha & Youngsta were one of the very first DJs to play the style that went on to be become known as dubstep; dubplate after dubplate that they cut laid new foundations for the genre. They were both residents at the genre's foundational club FWD>> (London) as well as playing the legendary DMZ night on multiple occasions.

No two DJs have or probably ever will wield the power or influence within dubstep that these two have: of the foundational dubstep acts, such as Mala, Coki, Loefah, Benga, Skream & Artwork, Hatcha broke many of their most celebrated anthems. Youngsta singlehandedly broke the record that arguably broke the entire genre: Skream's "Midnight Request Line."

Both have held down shows on London's seminal radio station Rinse FM, while Hatcha also represented that other famous ex-London pirate, Kiss FM. Both of the very first two volumes of "Dubstep Allstars" - the mix CD series that first coined the genre name "dubstep" - were mixed by the pair.

In more recent times their 'Contact' and 'Hatcha & friends' parties have flown the flag for modern dubstep. Both have released on 'Tempa', where Youngsta also A&R'd and recently Youngsta started a new label 'Sentry', with Hatcha repping for 'Hatched'. But now, Hatcha & Youngsta present to you, "Bloodline'.

NMEZEE is one half of the Kansas City dubstep dons, the EZ Brothers, and is an 11-year veteran of the Midwest electronic music scene. Playing drum n bass, dubstep and drumstep, NMEZEE has shared bills with some of the game's biggest names including Excision, EPROM, Heyoka, Michael Menert and Caspa, and has played countless festivals including Schwagstock 45, Underground Sound 6 and Wakarusa (with the EZ Brothers), smashing every dance floor he touches down on. NMEZEE is all about big bass lines, moving bodies and good vibes, so join the party and check him out in a city near you in 2011!