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18 May

Legions of Metal Fest - Reggies Rock Club

2109 South State St Chicago,IL
05/18/2018 5:00 PM - 05/18/2018 7:00 PM

2018-05-18 17:00:00 2018-05-18 19:00:00 America/Detroit Legions of Metal Fest Reggies Rock Club info@wamza.com


Legions of Metal Fest

The Legions of Metal Festival was born out of the end of the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse Festival. Legions of Metal Festival will continue to bring the best of the classic metal from the 80's that we all love and also bring in the newer bands who will carry the torch into the upcoming years in the metal world. You will be able to see some of the newest bands in the scene throughout the day and end each night watching the bands you grew up listening to. The fest will feature two stages and plenty of vendors.

An American Black/ Speed Metal band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2013.

American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California formed in 1981.

Blood Curse

Diamond Rexx

Diamond Rexx was formed in 1985 by Nati Habits and S.S. Four months after their first live show the band signed a management deal with Pacific Entertainment, who then got the band signed to Island records. With the addition of bassist Andre and drummer Johnny Cottone, they released their debut album Land of the Damned in 1986. In 1989, the band signed to the independent Red Light Records, where they released their second album Rated Rexx in 1990. That album features Johnny L. Angel on guitar and Chrissy Salem on bass.
The band went on hiatus in the 1990s, but Habits formed a new line-up in 2001, now with S.S. Priest on guitar, Basil Cooper on bass and background vocals and Billy Nychay on drums. This line-up recorded the Rexx Erected album, released on the Diamond label, after which Cooper left to be replaced by Tommy Hanus. The Evil was released in 2002 on Crash Music. In 2006, bassist Tommy Evans joined the band, and the following year, original drummer Johnny Cottone returned on drums. The band then went dormant and remained quiet over the next few years. In 2009 the original line-up of Habits/Andre/Priest/Cottone have reunited.


Halloween is a heavy metal band from Detroit, Michigan.

Heir Apparent

The genesis of Heir Apparent began in 1983 when Terry Gorle began auditioning vocalists and musicians after writing three songs ("The Servant", "Dragon's Lair", and "Keeper of the Reign") and receiving very positive feedback from Kim Harris, manager of Queensrÿche. Terry recruited bassist Derek Peace and drummer Jim Kovach, reuniting a trio that had last played together in a cover band a few years earlier. During this time they called themselves Sapien. Derek introduced vocalist Corey Rivers to the project, bringing two songs from their previous band, Helm's Deep ("Hands of Destiny" and "Tear Down the Walls"). During the next 4 months under the name of Nemesis (92), most of the material that would later end up on the Graceful Inheritance album would be conceived. In February 1984, Corey Rivers left the band to concentrate on his career, and vocalist Paul Davidson was recruited for the album recordings that had been scheduled for that summer (Terry and Paul had played in a cover band in 1980 under the name Renegade). This is the point at which Terry Gorle changed the band name to Heir Apparent.


Mega Colossus

From the ashes of the North Carolina towns of Greenboro, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, MEGA COLOSSUS bring their NWOBHM influenced rock to the Midwest. Their latest record, Hyperglaive, will make any Priest and Scorpions fan bang their head with pride. Expect a full assault on your sonic temples.

Phantom (US)

American heavy metal band from Seattle, Washington formed in 1983.
2 Grammies nominated for 6 others.

Q5 is:
JONATHAN K. : Vocals
EVAN SHEELEY : Bass / Vocals
DENNIS TURNER : Guitar / Vocals
JAMES NELSON : Guitar / Vocals
JEFFREY McCORMACK ; Drums / Vocals

RAVAGE formed back in 1996 on a mission to bring traditional, rockin', kick-ass heavy metal and thrash excitement back to the masses.

Though the band has endured endless line-up changes

throughout it's storied history, the core group of singer

Al Ravage, his brother lead guitarist Eli Firicano, and second lead guitarist Nick Izzo has been together since the year 2000. The current line-up is rounded out by bassist Tommy

Grimaldi and drummer Derek Jay (SEAX, Motorhead Tribute band BOMBER).

2016 finds Ravage hard at work in the studio and on the live circuit playing local shows in the New England area and writing and recording songs for their follow-up to the band's "The End Of Tomorrow" album which was released on Metal Blade Records in late 2009.

Ravage's latest offering "Return Of The Spectral Rider" is a complete re-recording of the band's limited 2005 release "Spectral Rider" and is now available worldwide on CD, Vinyl and digital download formats independently on the band's own label - Society For World Wide Ravage Recordings. The record features 12 tracks of original blazing metal as well as all new art by Tim Jacobus (famous for his work on the GOOSEBUMPS novels).

Reckless Force

Savage Master

American traditional heavy metal band from Louisville, Kentucky founded in October 2013.


Management/booking agency from Tuckahole, New York City, USA.

Toxik is an American thrash metal band from Peekskill, New York.
First active from 1985 to 1992, and in 2013 Toxik reformed and are writing an album #3 to be released in 2017.


Unity is a Melodic Power metal band from Iowa. It was formed in November 2010 by Alonso “Zo” Donoso. Alonso decides to leave his previous band and starts a new musical project. Zo’s idea was to create music that was more European oriented and Melodic, yet powerful and raw.
Unity’s music could be described as Melodic Heavy Metal with European Power Metal influences. Unity takes influences from different bands and backgrounds to create something fresh but yet classic with catchy riffs and powerful melodies.
In order to get this project started, Zo had a challenging task ahead of him. Trying to find like-minded musicians to join forces in this new project in the Midwest wasn’t easy, but Zo’s determination and burning desire to continue his musical career helped him to complete the task.

The first to join the fold was old friend Tim Cummings on the drums (Ex-Dark Mirror). He has been keeping active for some time with a local cover band. After being asked by Zo his response to join Unity was automatic.
The next step was to find a talented guitarist that could satisfy Unity’s musical direction, Zo’s melodies and musical ideas. This individual had to have the ability to recreate the melodies in Zo’s head. Zo found Yasko Kajtazovic a local musician that had moved into the States a little over 3 years ago from Bosnia. He had been playing in a cover band named Yugoslavia. Yasko accepted to become part of this project. After rehearsing for several months the chemistry of these 3 individuals grew beyond limits and several songs were the outcome of dedication and great musicianship. But the line-up wasn’t completed yet; they needed a bass player talented enough to keep up with Yasko's intricate melodies and riffs. After trying out several individuals, they finally found what they were looking for: Adam Amdor (Ex- dividezero.) was the last piece of the puzzle. Unity is now ready to take the Midwest by a storm and show the true meaning of Heavy Metal to the people around these plains.

Late 2012, Unity suffers a major shift in personnel, Adam leaves the band during the summer and soon after Yasko followed. Tim and Zo auditioned Arie Vandenberg and he joins the fold late 2012. Early 2013 two more members get added to the new line-up, Sean Oakes as Lead guitarist and Mark Allen on bass. This is a stronger unit than before. With this new line-up you will be able to hear some of the parts you could only hear while listening to the album at home. Be prepared as Unity takes you on a new musical ride!


White Boy And The Average Rat Band

White Boy And The Average Rat Bands first album was released in 1981. It is highly sought after by collectors world wide and sells for $250-$500 per copy.
The band has been written about in books such as "The Acid Archives","Heavy Metal The Vinyl Years" etc. as well as many underground blogs and web-sites.
Just Google the bands name.
Mike Matney reformed the now legendary band in the fall of 2011 and on
Feb.4th 2012 the band debuted at "The World Famous Whisky A-Go-Go in
Hollywood, CA. The band is currently a featured story in Los Angeles largest music publication L.A. Record.

American Power / Heavy Metal band from Raleigh, NC. Formed in 2000.