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22 Jun

Kid Twist - Minibar

3810 Broadway Kansas City,MO
06/22/2018 10:00 PM - 06/23/2018 12:00 AM

2018-06-22 22:00:00 2018-06-23 00:00:00 America/Detroit Kid Twist Minibar info@wamza.com


Kid Twist

So you may be asking yourself just who the heck Kid Twist is. I'll tell you not only who he is but how he got to be one of the most innovative and freshest turntablists on the Kansas City club scene.

Kid Twist has known since the late 1990's that he wanted to use music as a creative outlet for his artistic talent. He got his first tables and mixer in 2001 and was on his way. For the first few years he researched and experimented with finding his unique style by listening to other DJ's on the local scene. He heard a lot of stuff that was cool and some strange s@#t that he could do without. He also began collecting an extensive vinyl record collection that to this day numbers in the thousands. Even though today all of his music has been migrated to MP3 on Serato he still treasures his vinyl trove. The Kid played a lot of house parties and began to learn what his crowd liked and how to interact with them.

In 2004 Kid Twist had an opportunity to move to El Paso, Texas. While there he hooked up with a group called Secret Levels (formerly The Undead) and played house parties and club gigs. He continued to hone his unique style and contribute artistically to Secret Level's album, Don't Turn Around. He also continued to learn and practice scratch and mixing techniques from other DJ's in town.

Moving back to Kansas City in late 2005 Kid Twist began creating his own mixes and mash-up's using innovative and conscientious blends. Some of his favorite genre's to work with are 80's pop, classic rock, indie music – even some old country/western tunes. Taking tunes from these diverse sources and mixing them with hip-hop, dubstep and house beats has put the Kid in the map locally with a reputation for something fresh and unique. He's played some great clubs and bars locally such as Swagger, The Riot Room, Pizza Bar and Union. He also occasionally backs up the local group Santa Muerte.

So maybe you're now asking yourself why Kansas City? Why not? KC has a super cool community of folks who know and appreciate good mixes. Kid Twist knows the community and they are starting to know him as well. He looks forward to putting together new mixes, hanging with his fans spinning hip-hop, classic rock and just damn good music.