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13 Oct

GermanFest - The Athenaeum

407 E Michigan St Indianapolis,IN
10/13/2018 12:00 PM - 10/13/2018 2:00 PM

2018-10-13 12:00:00 2018-10-13 14:00:00 America/Detroit GermanFest The Athenaeum info@wamza.com



In 2009, the Athenaeum Foundation launched what has since become a much anticipated and increasingly popular annual Indianapolis event, The Original and Fabulous GermanFest. Hosted at the Athenaeum, in Indianapolis’s most recognized arts and entertainment districts, Massachusetts Avenue, GermanFest celebrates and embraces German heritage and tradition through music, food and activities during the event. This year’s German Fest will be held on Saturday, October 13 and will include the following:

• OktoberFAST 5K
• Dachshund races
• A yodeling contest
• Steinheben (strong man competition)
• Authentic German foods and beverages
• Live music on 2 stages
• Dancing
• Children’s activities
• Traditional German team competitions

Dachshund Races

The Wiener Dog Races (only Dachshunds can participate) is done in 4 open heats on the hour starting at 1pm. Heats consist of 2 to 4 races per heat (6 dogs per race, 18 dogs total per heat) the winners of each race will race off to determine the winner of each heat. The owners of dogs participating in the races, will be given a commemorative T-shirt (1 shirt per registrant, while supplies last) and entry to GermanFest (1 human per registrant). The race participants will have access to the “Racers’ Paddock” for some rest and this includes a tented area, water and treats provided.

The Durstig Games

The Durstig games, better known as GermanFest’s “beer games”, are open to teams of 5 or more people over the age of 21. These games will start at 1:30 and will continue every hour until 5:30.

Beer Stein Holding:
Each competitor will be given 2 full steins. At the judge’s signal, contestants will lift their steins and hold them straight out at shoulder height. The competitor who is able to remain with his/her steins held in the same position the longest will win his/her heat.
Cow Toss:
After the 4 team members have been blindfolded, everyone will toast to their success with beer. After they have finished their toast, the blindfolded members will each take one of the Cow’s legs. The Sighter’s job is to direct them so that when they toss the Cow’s leg, they knock down as many of the jugs as possible.
Beer Stein Relay:
When the start signal is given, Runner 1 from each team can gather a total of 12 steins provided he/she can hold them which he/she will carry to a table at the opposite end of the course. Runner 1 will place his/her steins on the table and tap Runner 2 on his/her own team. This will continue with each runner until all runners have carried the steins. Runner 5 will pick up as many of the steins as he/she can hold and will carry them back to the opposite end of the course to cross the finish line.