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11 Oct

Celebration Series: Texas Music - The Warming House

4001 Bryant Ave South Minneapolis,MN
10/11/2018 8:00 PM - 10/11/2018 10:00 PM

2018-10-11 20:00:00 2018-10-11 22:00:00 America/Detroit Celebration Series: Texas Music The Warming House info@wamza.com


Celebration Series: Texas Music

The Celebration Series celebrates singer/songwriters in our midst! Each month we honor a particular singer/songwriter or two by inviting a handful of local performers to play the honoree’s songs onstage. This series, a fundraiser for The Warming House, happens with different honorees and different musicians every month. This month we celebrate Texas Music! Anything goes, as long as they’re from Texas. Expect to hear songs from folks like Kacey Musgraves, Janis Joplin, Norah Jones, Beyonce, Kelly Willis, Hayes Carll, Bruce Robison, Lyle Lovett, Terry Allen, Jon Dee Gram, Nanci Griffith, T-Bone Burnett, and many more greats! Performers include Laura Hugo, Courtney Yasmineh, Almighty American, Scott Wooldridge, Leslie Rich, Cody Grimes, Paul Seeba and James Rone. Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00. Suggested donation is $5 - $20, and all proceeds go to support The Warming House, a tax-exempt music listening room.

Laura Hugo

Laura Hugo is originally from the Navajo Nation but has been calling the Twin Cities her home for the last 7 years. She’ll make you feel the feels with her melodic and catchy tunes about heartbreak. You’ll probably find her frequenting open mics, playing at various Minneapolis music venues and watching others play shows at least 4 days a week. She is planning on releasing her first EP in the summer of 2018.

James Rone

James Rone is the singer, guitarist, and songwriter for local band School For Girls, whose debut album, All At Once, was released in 2016. Rone previously performed in local R&B band The Robinson Caruso Organization and performs his solo improvised singer-songwriter show, Troubadour, at music and improv venues in Minneapolis. His songs blend lucid storytelling with abstraction, all in the service of melody.

Almighty American

With a deep appreciation for the songwriting greats of his father’s generation, drummer-turned-guitarist Michael Gay has set out to leave his own mark with Almighty American. "I've learned a lot about empathy through songwriting,” Gay told City Pages. "I try to do the story justice and not always go for the easy rhyme.” His approach to songwriting pairs with a classic Americana sensibility and feel to breed earnest songs with melodies that stick with the listener.

Courtney Yasmineh

Courtney Yasmineh, who grew up in Chicago, ran away to Northern Minnesota where she lived alone in a cabin at seventeen playing in Iron Range bars to support herself, and on the strength of that winter’s experience got herself a full academic scholarship to Macalester College. She wrote her first song on guitar and performed it in her big Lutheran church in Chicago at age ten, in 1971, but her time in the great North solidified her obsession with the recordings of Bob Dylan and her determination to hone her craft. After college she worked as a musician and teacher and took time to raise her three children, all now in their twenties. She has built a body of work, eight albums of original songs, completed twelve self booked self promoted tours in Europe and countless more across all parts of America. Her first novel, based on her own runaway coming of age story is out on Gibson House Press out of Chicago. She has new recordings in the works, a second novel is being shopped, a series of small handmade books sold out so quickly on the last tour that a new printing is being devised for 2019 to help keep them accessible to fans. Her daily blog is one of the many ways she stays in close contact with her small army of loyal supporters all over the world. Yasmineh is a full time artist currently living in Minneapolis. www.courtneyyasmineh.com

Scott Wooldridge

SCOTT WOOLDRIDGE is a self-described "song and dance man," but as his kids point out, he's only about half right. He has released several albums with the Milwaukee-based Wooldridge Brothers, and one solo album. He lives in Minneapolis and performs acoustic music there. His songs have been featured in movies, television, and tire commercials.

Paul Seeba

Paul Seeba is singer/songwriter from St. Paul. His sound evades typical genres straddling the lines of rock, folk and country. His original album, "Mitchell Yards," became the soundtrack for a PBS documentary that won a 2015 regional Emmy. FATEA Magazine reviewed his latest album, "Republic of Kinney," with high praise, "This record is full of well-written songs that take on some profound topics, but never at the expense of accessibility or a decent tune! Factor in a very distinctive voice and this really is a product that stands out from the crowd."

Leslie Rich


I grew up in Belfast in the 70's, when it was the norm to have soldiers patrolling the streets and to be searched by a heavily armed police force just to go shopping downtown. In 1989, I started to put my teenage frustrations and beliefs to music and after scarring mum's guitar for a few months, I finally got one of my own and started performing. Apparently I'm still at it, although the things I write about now are a little more grown up. I've been very lucky to have performed with almost all of my musical idols and to have released a bunch of music on my own and with some great bands like The Rocket Soul Choir, A Little Of The Ready and Hounds Of Finn. I moved to Minnesota in 2004 and consider it my home. I have a new record coming out in the fall with the Rocket Soul Choir called Kidder's Son on Loud Folk Records which contains some of the most enjoyable and exciting music I've ever played.