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07 Dec

Xibalba Itzaes - Cobra Lounge

235 N. Ashland Chicago,IL
12/07/2018 8:00 PM - 12/07/2018 10:00 PM

2018-12-07 20:00:00 2018-12-07 22:00:00 America/Detroit Xibalba Itzaes Cobra Lounge info@wamza.com


Unholy Lust

American black/death/thrash metal band from Los Angeles, CA.


IMPURE was formed in 1994 and released their first album in 1997 under the name of "Acts of Contrition". This album was more Thrash/Death Metal oriented and did not have a lot of repercusion in the death metal scene. This album was released by "Sin Records" (Bilbao, SPAIN) and the current IMPURE line-up prefer not to have this album reviewed nor play songs of it anymore. During the same year (1997) the band split-up due to internal musical differences, so RAFA (guitar) took over responsibility for IMPURE's future. Three years later, other members joined the band, playing a more modern death metal style, but in the following years the band suffered diverse line-up changes, and was only in 2002 when this line-up becomes stable being comprised by three murderous psychotics: RAFA (guitars), PINTXE (bass & gutural, gruntsick vocals), Fernado (drums). In July 2002 this line-up recorded a promo-track to show the scene the great potential they had, receiving very good reviews and a great acceptance in the scene. In April 2003, the band recorded an album titled "Corpses... Intense Stench". This album contains eight brutal, intense, fast and gory tracks without any kind of concessions plus a video-clip for the song "Sexual Eschatology". This album was released by New York's based death metal label GOREGIASTIC RECORDS on November 15th 2003 and was re-issued on April 19th 2005 with new artwork and improved layout design. After playing as many shows as they could in Spain and Europe in general, the band started working on their latest opus to be titled "Hemicorporectomy" which is comprised of 8 tracks of the most extreme, intense yet dark brutal death metal ever to be spawned from Spain!. This new album is scheduled to hit the streets on January 28th 2007 once again under the GOREGIASTIC RECORDS veil.

In February 2007, Fernando (drummer) abandons the band for personal reasons,disabling the live presentation of the last work "Hemicorporectomy". After an incessant search of a violent and merciless drummer, NARCISSUS finishes occupying the position injecting more adrenaline to this sonic bulldozer. Subsequently EDORTA would unite to reinforce the line-up with another crushing and harrowing guitar.

IMPURE hasn't gotten lost the essence and the band has grown, increasing its live presence, so you can wait superior dose of Brutal Death.