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Johnny Novacaine

  • Daniel Mastrofski (guitar/vocals)
  • J.B. Williams (guitar/vocals)
  • Nick Loffredo (drums)
  • DJ Mejia (bass)
Polyethnic Midwest Slamjam - Des Moines, IA


Johnny Novacaine is a psychedelic fusion of jam sounds drawing from the large repertoire of music by The Grateful Dead, Phish, Umphree's Mcgee, The Beatles, Moe, Bob Dylan, Neil Young & so forth.  

Formed in 2015 by Mastrofski & Williams, the band has grown to a 5 piece and quite often larger numbers depending on who sits in with the group.  JN performs on weekly basis in The Greater Des Moines Area whether nightlife in the city, open air events, music festivals, private parties, fundraisers etc.