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The Other Brothers

Eli Clark • Frontman

Jason Kadiwhompus • Drums

Lorenz Inez • Bass


Pub Rock - Des Moines, IA


The Other Brothers are a three-piece rock & blues outfit born and bred out of the heartland. The band is led by frontman Eli Clark on guitar, harmonica & vocals. The rock-solid rhythm section is provided by Lorenz Inez on bass and Jason Kadiwhompus whomping up the drums. 

The Other Brothers have a sound unlike anything out there. Blazing hot guitar and howling harmonica ride alongside booming drums and bottom heavy bass. Whiskey-laden vocals and solid original songs give the band an old-meets-new school show that has to be seen to be believed. 

A revved up, country-fried Cream. A river rat Led Zeppelin. The thrill of the open road on two wheels, throttle wide open. Simply put, it's one rockin' party for every room and every walk of life. Hour after hour, song after song, get ready to let loose and dance