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Tree branch Twig

Lindsay K

experimental - Des Moines, IA


Tree branch Twig is the experimental solo project of multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Keast (Honeycreeper/Lady Paw/Stubborn Tiny Lights). With a background in both art and music history, TbT blends not only the audial influences of drone, slave songs, and improvisation, but also attempts to transform the visual elements of collage by exploring the texture of sound, movement of shape, color of tone, and the weight of silence.


TbT currently performs as a trio w/ Lindsay K (guitar/piano), Kelsi T (bass) and Jessica V (cello).

Special guests have included Courtney K, Tanner M, Sydney D, CJ Boyd, and Logan F.


Live at The Fremont - 7/23/16 - Tree branch Twig